Mark Mendonca

CEO, Food Safety Auditor

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Day 1: Jun 9, 2021

3:30 pm

3:30 pm


What is the Smartest Investment You’ve Made to Mitigate Risk of Foodborne Illness and Maximize ROI?

Discussions about virtual auditing have taken on a new life since the beginning of the pandemic and they’ve left the industry wondering: Are remote audits the new normal? Gain insights into the expectations and requirements involved in remote audits. Explore the overlooked challenges that could affect your products and food safety management system(s). Leverage advice from a diverse group of industry experts to help you:

  • Navigate a virtual food safety audit: A real perspective from management
  • Identify overlooked safety challenges in the food industry today
  • Take note of which remote audits are industry recognized

Reveal newfound opportunities for improvement that you may be missing.